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A Child's Song and THE Studio

A Child's Song and THE Studio



About Us

A Child’s Song (ACS) has served the Denver since 1999. it has been our goal as an organization and as individual educators to foster a nurturing environment to offer music lessons for children of all skill levels.

When you walk into our studio, you will experience the excitement and charm of a bustling music. Each day, we begin serving our toddlers and preschoolers during school hours. Our popular Kindermusik® class attracts parents from all over Denver.

After school lets out, you will see dozens of children stream into our studio each day. Our students excitedly greet their teachers and begin working on all types of instruments.

We never encourage a competitive atmosphere. We believe deeply in the philosophy of music as a means to a greater good, as a tool to help disadvantaged children grow, and as a means of bringing families and communities together.


We want YOU to join us for early childhood education classes like Kindermusik and AussieRoo!
March to the beat of your own drum!
Let's Rock!