• Development Council


    The Metro North Chamber of Commerce Development Council engages the organization's members and investors in order to promote a collaborative community and ensure the vitality of the region.


    The Development Council is dedicated to promoting the overall economic well-being of the cities and counties that the Chamber serves by keeping business, elected, and community leaders apprised of the many successes that are unfolding in the region. This goal is accomplished through the gathering and distribution of relevant information, research, the production of events with purpose, and the convening of conversations to share best practices and strategies to overcome challenges.

    "The Metro North Chamber of Commerce Development Council starts with a crumb of an idea, and turns it into a phenomenal experience by bringing powerful minds together."

    Who We Are

    The Development Council is comprised of a Steering Committee, which serves as the leadership group that guides the Development Council's various sub-committees. The sub-committees make recommendations to the Steering Committee about events and other important issues.

    Chamber sub-committees include:

    1. Aerospace & Aviation (active)

    2. Education & Workforce Development (active)

    3. Energy, Water & Environmental Sustainability (active)

    4. Entertainment, Hospitality, Restaurants & Retail (coming online 2019)

    5. Healthcare & Wellness (coming online 2019)

    6. Innovation & Technology (coming online 2019)

    7. Land Use, Construction & Housing, Transportation (active)

    8. Nonprofit (active)

    9. Small Business (coming online 2019)

    10. Women in Business & Leadership (active)

    11. Bioscience (coming online 2019)

    12. Food and Beverage Manufacturing & Agri-Business (coming online 2019)

    Council Descriptions


    With the nation's second-largest aerospace economy, Colorado is an aerospace leader and a premier location for companies conducting aerospace-related activities. Aviation was the nine-county region's fastest growing cluster in 2017, posting 5.7 percent employment growth between 2016 and 2017, compared with a 0.1 percent increase nationwide. Employment in the region's aviation cluster grew for the sixth-consecutive year in 2017. The nine-county region is home to 20,140 aviation employees in close to 680 companies. Between 2012 and 2017, aviation employment rose 23.1 percent, compared with 4.1 percent nationally.

    Council meets every other month


    The bioscience industry is divided into two sub-clusters, each of which specializes in distinct aspects of the biosciences: (1) medical devices and diagnostics and (2) pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Combined, the bioscience industry in the nine-county region is home to more than 16,100 workers in almost 730 companies. Between 2011 and 2017, bioscience employment in the nine-county region grew 7.5 percent, compared with 5.4 percent nationally. In 2017, the bioscience cluster posted 1.9 percent employment growth over-the-year and grew for the seventh-consecutive year, adding over 1,120 workers since 2011.

    Council meets every other month


    The Education & Workforce Development Council convenes local business leaders interested in partnering with educators in an effort to improve public education, expand access to higher education and develop a 21st century workforce capable of competing in a global economy. As a result of the current economic climate, the Council is focused on boosting job recovery for today's workforce while preparing future generations of workers.

    Council meets every other month


    The Energy, Water & Environmental Sustainability Council focuses on actions to spur clean and green tech innovations, ensure cost-effective water and power delivery, and promote economic growth through sustainable, pro-jobs energy and environmental policies.

    Council meets every other month



    The Entertainment, Hospitality, Restaurants & Retail Council focuses on actions that support these growing and important clusters in the Metro North region.

    Council meets every other month


    The Food and Beverage Manufacturing cluster in the region ranks as having the second-highest employment concentration out of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in 2017. The region has the

    fourth-largest beverage production sector in the nation, with 9,790 workers at nearly 240 companies. The beverage production cluster posted 4.7 percent employment growth between 2016 and 2017, rising for the eighth-consecutive year. The Agri-Business sector has potential to grow substantially in the years ahead thanks to a focus on this cluster.

    Council meets every other month


    The Health Care Council is a leader in providing the business perspective on key health care issues. The Council supports reform efforts that promote shared responsibility for health care financing, expand access to coverage and quality care and create health professional workforce opportunities.

    Council meets every other month


    The Innovation & Technology Council identifies and engages with business clusters that have economic growth potential - including signature, emerging and innovative industry groups. The Council aims to promote discussions and events that will strengthen these industries, elevate their global reach, drive job creation and regional economic prosperity.

    Council meets every other month


    The Land Use, Construction & Housing Council advocates for policies and programs that create sustainable, economically robust communities through smart growth planning, public-private partnerships and investment in congestion relief solutions. This also includes a special focus on building more attainable housing and addressing transportation challenges.

    Council meets every other month


    The Nonprofit Council provides nonprofit member organizations with a venue to network, exchange ideas, collaborate and discuss public policy issues impacting the nonprofit community.

    Council meets every other month


    The Small Business Council brings together small business members to discuss common issues and help identify how the Chamber can develop innovative and value-driven programs to meet their needs.

    Council meets every other month


    The Women in Business & Leadership Council focuses on the special contributions that women make to the community as a whole in the Metro North region. This Council focuses on partnering with existing organizations and creating original programming to expand access to resources needed to help women business owners and leaders thrive.

    Council meets every other month


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