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Women of the Metro North Awards Nominations

Women in business, government, and nonprofit positions benefit the Metro North region through their leadership and mentorship.  The Metro North Chamber of Commerce recognizes women business leaders in our community who are making a difference in the lives of many at the Women of the Metro North Awards event. This year's event will be held on September 18, 2019 at the Lions Gate Event Center in Lafayette.

Honorees represent some of the most talented women in our region – leaders who are willing to give of themselves for the greater good and the benefit of our entire community and will be judged on their innovation, entrepreneurship, professional accomplishment, and community leadership. 

If you know an outstanding woman whose leadership and dedication has led to success in one of the six categories below, please complete the online nomination form no later than July 26, 2019. Please note that an individual can only win once per category.

Nominations will be judged solely on the information provided on the nomination forms. Be sure to fill in the form completely and give a thorough explanation for each criterion. No supplemental materials or weblinks will be accepted. Please do not include links to online news or websites – they will not be used in judging. Honorees will be chosen based on the quality of the nomination submitted, not the quantity of nominations.

Winners are selected by a panel of community leaders including Chamber board members, members of the Women of the Metro North Committee, and past award recipients. We use a mathematical rubric for scoring the application and the judges DO NOT know the winners in advance. In addition, due to the rubric, it would be impossible for one judge to sway the entire vote.

Nominees must live or work in the Metro North region (Adams, Broomfield, Jefferson, and Weld counties).  For more information about the nomination process or the event, contact Kim McGrigg at 303-288-1000. Submit your nomination(s) here.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)

Honorees will be accomplished and recognized leaders and innovators in their professions, often entrepreneurial, and inspirational to their peers. This award focuses on women “in the trenches” of STEAM fields who are rising in their careers or well-established in their professional lives. These women are shaping the future and making an incredible impact and effecting change in the world through science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Pay it Forward 

The honoree in this category is recognized as having contributed to their community through acts of service, mentorship, and kindness; or through financial gifts or endowments. The honoree practices social responsibility and humanitarianism and is a positive role model who encourages other women in our region to follow the example of paying it forward. 

Non-Traditional Career

This award will be presented to a woman who has achieved success in a “non-traditional career” – a career which has been traditionally dominated by men. Examples of "non-traditional careers" include:

·         Advanced Manufacturing

·         Automotive

·         Aviation

·         Criminal Justice

·         Electrical Trades

·         Heating, Cooling, Ventilating

·         Plumbing and Gas Fitting

·         Construction and Building Trades

·         Truck Driving

·         Welding Technology

Chapter 2 (Changed Careers)

The days of beginning and ending your career in a single field are over. Many women are reinventing themselves by changing industries, career fields, or by launching their own businesses and going in entirely new directions professionally. This category honors professionals who have found success by starting a new career path after building success in a previous field. Honorees will have created impact by re-envisioning what they can be, do, and accomplish. 

Influencer (Change Maker)

The honoree in this category is a pioneer in her field and has created a unique personal brand and voice that rises above the crowd. She has blazed a new trail, challenged the status quo, or demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. The “Influencer” may have started a new business, changed the way business is done, or created a whole new category of business.

Woman of the Metro North

The topmost award, the honoree receiving the Woman of the Metro North has made a mark on her industry, her workplace, and her community. She is a business leader, mentor, and community champion. We are looking for an exceptional woman who has forged her own path, raised the status quo, and blazed a trail for others. Nominations will be judged on three criteria: professional accomplishments, community leadership, as well as awards and milestones.  Each of these should be addressed in the nomination.

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