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Metro North Emerging Leaders – Metro North

Metro North Emerging Leaders

Leverage your strengths and achieve more.

As your professional journey takes you to new levels of management, it's critical that you build on your leadership strengths and learn new ways to achieve greater impact. Growth is critical to personal and professional success.

The Metro North Chamber of Commerce offers a dynamic seven-month program where you’ll learn the important elements that successful leaders must master to deliver results. You will be exposed to cutting-edge leadership strategies, practices, and tools — and you’ll receive coaching on how to leverage these next-level practices to achieve your career and organizational goals.

Who Should Attend?

Potential future leaders, new leaders/managers, and/or managers in their first or second leadership role.

Learner Experience
This fast-paced program convenes once a month for two hours between November and May. The program is designed to attract participants from a wide variety of industries and organizations. Participants will learn through a combination of engaged learning activities, group discussions, team exercises, lectures, case studies, and projects.  The goal is to develop each person as a leader who is authentic with their strengths and develop a plan to stretch into growth areas to achieve the next level of leadership.

  • Foundational skills focus: understanding personality types, emotional intelligence, common leadership struggles, communication skills for leaders
  • Self-awareness skills focus: identifying blind spots, working through self-imposed limitations, triggering topics
  • Action steps focus: discuss experiences and projects assigned from last meeting, group mastermind to work on current issues

Organizational Results
The program is designed to provide companies with:

  • A program that can increase employee motivation and engagement
  • Tools to empower managers to navigate change while maintaining organizational priorities

  • Improved productivity because of better decision-making, emotional intelligence, and relationship management

Individual Results
The program is designed to provide the participant with:

  • A deep understanding of how to motivate themselves and inspire others

  • Improved ability to influence and persuade people at all levels

  • An increased ability to drive sustainable change

  • Enhanced strategies and tools to coach and provide feedback to others

  • An understanding of how to leverage relationships and use networks to achieve results

The Instructor

Dan Willis is the owner of and works with companies ranging from startup to thousands of employees. Dan consistently hears the same pain point from the companies he serves - “Developing effective leaders is our #1 growth challenge”. Dan applies over 30 years of personal leadership experience, most recently as an executive with a tech-based Fortune 150 company, in support of business leaders and their companies. His philosophy is to keep concepts simple while applying powerful business models with a focus on using experiential learning techniques to cement the concepts. Development of individuals follows a sequence of increased self-awareness, adding the ability to learn and adapt, building strong communication skills, and the aptitude to create a vision of influence.

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