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About Us

WEBO is the home for passionate, motivated women entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a different kind of networking organization. At WEBO, we’re creating a conversation and a community, expanding our professional networks and growing our businesses while supporting, encouraging and learning from each other.

Our mission is to empower WEBOs in all occupations to embrace their unique strengths, support them as they strive for their unique vision of success, and positively impact their personal and professional lives. We accomplish this through our belief in what we have created: a safe community dedicated to networking, professional development, and supporting WEBOs in a fun, welcoming environment.

WEBO gives you the opportunity to find genuine support, connections, and ideas for every stage of your business journey. Discover the inspiration and power of networking and building relationships with women business leaders who are committed to building heart-centered success in both life and business and helping others to do the same.

WEBO is for you if you are ready to:

Connect with other dynamic, passionate women who are creating great personal and professional success.

Take your professional and personal development to the next level through networking and learning opportunities.

Enjoy the support of other WEBOs as you overcome challenges and celebrate your wins.

Gain a valuable growth asset to your business, professional, and personal development as you gain knowledge, build relationships, and engage with passionate WEBOs and business leaders.


WEBO Network
WEBO Network
WEBOs Learn Professional and Personal Development
WEBOs Learn Professional and Personal Development
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