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Hobby Quest of Cherry Creek | Aurora | Brighton

Hobby Quest of Cherry Creek | Aurora | Brighton



About Us

Our goal is not just to teach children about aviation, magic, or fashion design. At Hobby Quest, we strive to give children skills that will last them a lifetime, and set them on a quest that will enrich their lives.
• Our one-of-a-kind Aviation program combines all aspects of STEM learning in a fun and exciting environment.
• The Aviation programs provide new plane models each semester, from balsa wood gliders to motorized models.
• Magic students are not only amazed by the many magic tricks they learn to perform, but they also experience the benefit of building social and public speaking skills. As well as creating and telling stories.
• Children learn to tap into their creativity by sketching, designing, and bringing one-of-a-kind outfits to fruition. Which they then model in a classroom fashion show for their parents.
• Children get to keep their projects. This includes model airplanes, magic tricks, clothes or accessories, etc.

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