• New Member Spotlight:

    Crossfit Crossroads - Brandon and Marka Garcia

    We are delighted to have you on board!

    Q: Why are you in the business you are in? 

    A: "I'm in the fitness industry to change lives and show people not just how simple it is to care for your body, but also how important it is and how much impact it makes in all areas of life."

    Q: What project or aspect of your business makes you the most excited?

    A: "I love watching people accomplish things they've always want to, but never believed they could."

    Q: What do you want the Metro North community to know about your business?

    A: "We have a different approach to fitness.  We wanted to build a place that was like Cheers (literally in our business plan) and we've done that."

    Q: Give us a fun fact about your or your business!

    A: "We started in our garage and have grown our business organically and debt free."