• Staff

  • Angela Habben - President and CEO

    Angela is a key leader in the Metro North region, developing new business opportunities for the Chamber and its 1,000 members.   Her professional portfolio features a creative, innovative approach and a rich history of relationship management that maximizes growth potential. She’s the mother of two daughters, likes to entertain and cook, and loves spending time with family and friends.   
    Contact Information:
    (720) 259-2430

  • Karen Cobb - Membership Development Manager

    Karen handles membership recruitment and retention for the Chamber. Her background is in corporate event planning and hotel sales and management. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing golf, and being outdoors.
    Contact Information:
    (720) 259-2433

  • Steve Arnold - Communications Manager

    Steve tells the Metro North story utilizing a variety of electronic and print media, developing communication strategies to strengthen the Chamber brand through consistent messaging integrated across multiple platforms. He enjoys the outdoors, movies, and reading.
    Contact Information:
    (720) 259-2432


    Clelia McVay - Events and Programs Coordinator

    Clelia plans and executes events and programs for the Metro North Chamber. Her focus is on customer/client satisfaction.  She is a mother of two vivacious children, a Girl Scout Leader and loves spending time outdoors, especially biking throughout Colorado.     
    Contact Information:
                                                (720) 259-2431

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