About Us | Metro North Chamber of Commerce | Westminster | Colorado

The Metro North Chamber of Commerce (MNCC) is a regional commercial entity spanning over 13 cities, 4 counties, and 6 school districts within the state of Colorado.  Since 1959, the Metro North Chamber has played an integral role in fostering business development within the region.  Speaking with a single unified voice, the MNCC seeks to promote the economic vitality of the Metro North region.  We are a non-profit organization that boasts in excess of 1000 members, both businesses and professionals, which continues to grow each day. Your Metro North Chamber is directed by an active and engaged Board of Directors whom represent a diverse industry base with businesses of varying composition.  Collectively they have committed their talents and resources to advance the MNCC’s objectives on behalf of the membership.

Your Metro North Chamber Team is dedicated to building and enhancing the primary services of the Chamber: Connection, Advocacy, and Influence. The connection aspect lies in the myriad of networking opportunities and venues afforded to the membership.  With a very strong web presence, effective marketing strategy, and an abundance of opportunities for businesses to connect, MNCC’s membership base is inundated with conducive methods with which to grow their businesses.

Your Metro North Chamber actively works to promote the economic well-being of the Metro North region and remains the recognized voice of business. Through our 
Major Chamber Investors and the Development Council, the Metro North Chamber is able to create an environment that highlights the opportunities in the Metro North region. The Chamber advances the economic well-being of the Metro North Region by promoting sustainable businesses and communities.

As the recognized voice of the business community, MNCC representatives have been sought after to provide opinions on matters of public policy and legislation.  Metro North Chamber’s 
Business and Government Affairs division was created to evaluate, assess, educate and/or represent the business community on any existing or emerging issue, whether it is community or policy driven.  Given the diverse services offered to the Metro North Chamber membership to facilitate connectivity, the essential information provided by their dedicated group of advocates, and the substantial degree of influence, the Metro North Chamber remains a cornerstone to the economic vitality of the Metro North region.